IT architecture strategy

Obviously the banks to fully implement the new regulatory rules cost effectively, a simple approach is not sustainable response. Instead, it is essential to develop a strategy that looks at their impact on the entire lifecycle of business and commerce in order to avoid duplication and increase implementation costs. With regulations logical choice now part and parcel of the financial services industry, banks must adapt and manage the network address of the legal initiatives as a function core activities. As [...]

Adding value through collaboration

Last week, the Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (VIB) to 15 joint-stock commercial banks and two founding companies have announced the establishment of JSC Smartlink Card Services. This company is specialized in providing services related to payment cards, management and operation of the card payment network member banks and the development of electronic payment channels. Here is the content of our conversation with Ms. Nguyen Tu Anh, general director of Smartlink. Can you tell us what that reason is affiliated Smartlink [...]

Methods of personal financial management efficiency

Many young people out or confide their lives difficult, but hard work though the salary was not enough to cover the daily necessities. Meanwhile others but also the same as their salary but with fairly comfortable life. So the problem here may be due to spending less reasonable way, you do not have to manage their finances effectively? If you have been experiencing these situations, it's time you sit down to find solutions for themselves. Everything is easier when there [...]